If you have been looking for a place where you can realize your potential with the help of a positive, supportive network of sisters, NCNW is the place for you.  Through national programs and through the work of over 200 sections and 39 national affiliate organizations, NCNW helps women enhance their health, knowledge, and personal satisfaction to improve their communities.


You membership helps NCNW to promote and recognize leadership among women of color; champion women’s rights and civil rights; celebrate and strengthen the African American family; and work toward the economic empowerment of African American women all over the world.

NCNW membership is open to all who share a commitment to empowering women of African descent, their families and communities. 

As a member you will receive:

  • a membership card from our National Headquarters

  • regular notification of all NCNW activities

  • invitation to participate at the Biennial National Convention in Washington D.C.

Annual Membership

The fee required for annual membership is $110 ($50 for national dues and $60 for local dues) and shall be renewed annually in October. Local dues can be paid in monthly installments of $5.

Life Membership

The fee required of a Life Member is $500, which may be paid in installments. Life Members, in order to be active in a local section must pay dues to that section.

Legacy Life Members

The fee required of a Legacy Life Member is $1,000, which can be paid in full or four consecutive payments of $250.


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